When music and media become expierence.

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Media Consulting

mediaconsulting4u integrates your media advisory desire in the personal relationship with you and suitable partners.
These common denominators are based on:

> Mutually Trust > Four-Note Chord Brands
> Mutually Support
"What can WHO do for you and when?"
> Commitment and Follow-Up
for your media production
> Strategic Objectives > Consistency / Contrast / Clarity
> Long-term balanced Partnerships in Media > LFA: The Logical Framework Approach
> Strategic & Operative Marketing Know-How > STP Strategie:
Segmentation - Targeting - Positioning

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mediaconsulting4u Corinna Poeszus

Digital Rights Management

The fight for attention of the users on all digital channels (games, music, film, television) and in the social networks decides on the content. Only if use and distribution of digital content addressed efficiently be controlled and settled, innovative business models reach their growth potential.

It has been confirmed during our many years of operational activity over and over again, that the economically successful production and use of valuable items require planning security on the one hand and transparency in billing on the other side. To ensure this requires detailed, industry-specific methods and process understanding and in-depth knowledge of all relevant interfaces. We have this expertise and offer it in different modules (consulting, creation, production, implementation software and hardware).

Torsten Petersen

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Torsten Petersen in Cooperation with mediaconsulting4u
Mobil: +49 (0)171 - 355 99 15
E-Mail: torstenpetersen@t-online.de

Music Consulting

mediaconsulting4u offers a comprehensive music advice to your wants and needs and to your budget. From research to contract negotiations, supervising and clearing your film, media production, advertising and / or internet presence. For more information, see the point about

> Search music and music selection, music procurement and music clearing
> Production monitoring and production supervising
> Recommendation, care and support in the search for: pre-produced production music, commercial music, studios, composers, singers, bands, orchestras, writers, producers, labels
> Conclusion of contract with labels and publishers
> Assistance in establishing your own publishing
> Your contact and discussion leader for advertising agencies, production companies, directors, composers, sound designers and editors (budget preparation, budget responsibility, estimating, coordination)

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Full Service Package

As your music consultant, please contact us to request a competent and fully comprehensive consultancy and music suggestions for your media production. Whether TV advertising, radio jingle or corporate video. Through our wide musical wealth of excellent music works produced a faster and for you legally clarified and safe conclusion on fair terms is possible.

Furthermore, we also offer you control your music. For producers and composers of film and advertising music belongs to the control of broadcasts in which their music was used to secure livelihood knowledge goods. With a digital monitoring and tracking we provide you with an important tool to control erroneous statements effectively and successfully.

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You are extra, small cast or young actor
and know the following scenario?

"Why didn't they take me at the casting?"

You are confused and do not know how to work in the future useful to your career?

mediaconsulting4u manages and advises extras, small cast and young actors on the way to professionalism.

Each first consultation is free of charge and we get in this stage of your career as a mentor. mediaconsulting4u has a large network, which has existed for over 20 years and will now promote and build own small actors and young actors.

Please contact us! actors@mediaconsulting4u.de


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