When music and media become expierence.

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Corinna C. Poeszus worked in various management positions in film, TV and music industries in the areas of production management, marketing, promotion, producing and marketing. From 2008 until April 2014, she served as General Manager of Universal Publishing Production Music GmbH a unit of UNIVERSAL Music Publishing Group operates and founded at the same time in April 2014, the Mediaconsulting4u.

She is also a lecturer with the main focus on the music industry and copyright as well as a freelance journalist and is involved as an advisor at the Erich Pommer Institut, Potsdam.

2010 Abschluss Diplom-Musikbetriebswirt ICPM, International College of Popmusic, London


when music becomes experience ...

Conception Process
During the conception process we advise you which effects should exercise the new music on your target audience. We propose musical characteristics and, if appropriate specific music / composers. Opt for a new composition, we mediate potentially suitable music / musicians / composers. We may give to your liking instructions that encourage a targeted work, but they do not constrict creative and relieve you as the client.

Production Process
In order to ensure the sound and technical quality of the desired and requested music, we like to look after the production process and advise you on the acceptance. We provide recommendations for instrumentation / sound selection and occupations and support on your behalf with respect to the recording, mixing and pre-mastering; especially in music to images. On request we produce authorized by you music, even more complex projects such as Orchestral productions.

Music Legal Clarification
In case of plagiarism disputes or license violations we gave you support and help. Regarding the music chosen by us, we are happy to take the music legal clarification for you.

Music Supervising
The music supervising is used if you have received a selection of concrete music to be pitched. We would be happy to test for you at Sound-branding and similar musical styles also test subjects. The investigation is carried out taking into account the special situation of reception or additional image content. The reactions of the listeners are evaluated. This Supervising is not limited to music, but is used for example for the study of the effect of speakers, moderators and sound branding.

Layout and Composition
You can order layout and composition. We take into account your preferences in terms of musical properties and on the type of effect. Also for smaller budgets, we find the right solution for you.




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